We Help Organizations Improve Strategy & Planning, Performance Management and Decision-Making with Advanced Methods

Advanced Methods Will Make a Difference

Functional- and industry knowledge still dominate methodological competence in management consulting: a long list of problem areas will tell you where a consultant feels at home. In a footnote you might find the explicit mentioning of the fact that “current or even advanced methods” will be applied.

Taking a closer look will tell another story: the rule of three in many facets, comparative statics and linear models in big spreadsheets, some optimization, some statistics (mostly descriptive and with a focus on comparisons) and a lot of good old “common sense” – all of it on beautiful stationary.


  • We trust that your organization does have a lot of relevant functional- and industry knowledge which by participation can be exploited.
  • Participation will increase the probability of successful implementation and change.
  • We help you select and apply appropriate tools and instruments.
  • We support any kind of enterprise or organization across functions in their
    • Strategy & Planning
    • Performance Management
    • Decision-Making

Our work builds upon the following competencies:

Business Simulation (BS)
Learning (L)